Let’s Keep Talkin’ Narcissism! PART TWO: The Audacious & The Therapist Make Meaning Out Of The Madness Of A Narcissist!

Episode 90: The Gals Aren’t Done Dishing About Narcissism & The Unpolished Behaviors Of A Narcissist! PART TWO Finds The Podcasters On The Corner Of Audacity & Advice As They KEEP TALKIN’ NARCISSISM And Put Their Own Unpolished Twist On It. If You Listened To PART ONE, You Definitely Won’t Want To Miss PART TWO!
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LET’S TALK NARCISSISM! PART ONE: Meet Amy Helms, Host Of The “Hope After Narcissistic Abuse” Podcast.

Episode 89 LET’S TALK NARCISSISM! PART ONE: Special Guest, Amy Helms, Host Of The “HOPE AFTER NARCISSISTIC ABUSE PODCAST” Meets The Gals On The Corner Of Audacity & Advice To Help Break Down All The Unpolished Wreckage About NARCISSISM! What The Hell Does Narcissism REALLY Mean Anyway? Are We Too Quick To Label People As A Narcissist? Has Society Overused & Abused The Term? Are We Misdiagnosing Who’s A True Narcissist Or Are People Just Unpolished, Self-Absorbed Assholes? Tune In For PART ONE As We Discuss The Definitions, The Differences & And The Damage Dealing With A Narcissist Can Cause!

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