Episode 12: Measuring Success By Our Failures

Successes and failures actually do go hand in hand. Get ready to listen as Rachel Silver-Cohen’s audaciousness coupled with Dr. Boca’s unpolished advice lends permission to go ahead and mess up! In sharing some real life examples, today’s episode reminds us the more we screw up, the more opportunities we have for success!

Episode 11: Welcome & Hello TWENTY20WON!

We made it to a brand new year and a brand new season of Unpolished Therapy. Our motors are revved up and we’re ready to roll into an array of unpolished topics ranging from the pretty to the witty to the definitely gritty! In their first episode of TWENTY20WON, Dr. Boca and Rachel Silver-Cohen quickly recap their final days of 2020, how they rang in the New Year and convey how we’ve all already WON in TWENTY20WON just by showing up with a positive attitude for fresh start, a clean slate and marveling in the important merit of the meaning of a Plan “BE” for all.

Episode 10: Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln, How Was The Play?

No one would argue the Year 2020 will go down in history as the most unpolished to date. Episode 10 acknowledges the setbacks we’ve had but also takes time to marvel in the hidden treasures uncovered during a time of unprecedented hardships. Call it Highs and Lows, Roses and Thorns or Ups and Downs, Rachel Silver-Cohen and Dr. Boca break it all down in their final episode of 2020 which concludes their first season of Unpolished Therapy! “There can be no light if not for the darkness” and the combination of both is what makes for celebrating the milestones even within the madness!

Episode 9: FriendSHIPS

It’s a compound word literally and figuratively. Some friends are here for the long haul to set sail through the ocean’s motion of life together no matter how choppy the seas get. And others, we find over time are more fair weathered; not as easily able to handle the storm of the changes encountered as we get older. Some friendSHIPS carry heavy cargo and there may come a point in the journey when it’s better served to make a choice to disembark the vessel in an effort to avoid having to scream “Mayday” because the friendSHIP is in imminent danger of sinking. Tune in as Rachel Silver-Cohen and Dr. Boca break down the FriendSHIP wreckage as they discuss which FriendSHIPS are worth salvaging and which are castaways.

Episode 8: Money Madness. It Doesn’t Solve All Your Problems, But It Certainly Helps!

Ah, money! While money does in fact make the world go ‘round, some may argue it’s the root of all evils especially in today’s unpolished world with a heavy emphasis on materialism! This episode of Unpolished Therapy touches a nerve with Rachel Silver-Cohen as she asks Dr. Boca to help break down the perceptions of money as it relates to self-worth and the value we place literally and figuratively on the dollars and SENSE of money!

Episode 7: Fear Most Certainly Is A Factor!

Fear can be a seriously crippling and gut-wrenching emotional byproduct when facing life decisions. However, be it big or small tackling our fears head-on is what empowers us to overcome the paralysis. There’s nothing scarier than lingering in the limbo because the indecisiveness only fuels the fear more. In this episode, Dr. Boca and Rachel Sllver-Cohen discuss some of their own personal fears and the steps they’ve made to take back control. The wreckage is raw and emotional but as always, being brave enough to address the darkness is how we break free to conquer our fears and move forward toward the light!

Episode 6: Unpolished Etiquette

In our modern day era of “hurry up and get it done,” has traditional etiquette completely evaporated? Rachel Silver-Cohen may be utterly unpolished but she’s an old fashioned girl at heart when it comes to the proper thank you note. In today’s episode she’s hot under the collar after receiving a note that leaves her speechless. Dr. Lori Fineman legit talks her off the winding road as she breaks down the wreckage explaining there may be underlying twists and turns to the real meaning behind a note that leaves us nothing short of unpolishedly underwhelmed and how managing our expectations might help on a go forward!

Episode 5: Culture During Covid – What’s In Your Queue?

Covid-19 might have curbed our enthusiasm for heading to museum exhibits or raging at rock concerts but we’re not letting that stop us from kicking up the culture in other ways…How do the audacious and the therapist define culture in a Covid world you may ask? Well, one way is queuing up Netflix shows for hours on end!

Episode 4: To Judge Or Not To Judge? That Is The Question!

It’s not always easy to admit, but we’re all guilty of casting judgment on others from time to time. Given the current unpolished climate of our nation, judgment runs rampant amongst even those closest to us. Dr. Boca helps make sense of what’s really behind judgment calls as she breaks down the judgment wreckage.

Episode 3: Improv

We like to plan; we like to follow a routine; we like to get it right! But what happens when the rug gets pulled out from under us? Can you pivot in a pinch or do you freeze like a deer in headlights? Let’s look at life as an improvisational act in an effort to help lighten up and ease our minds. Could improv be an unpolished tool to tackle the unknowns and issues out of our control? Listen in and find out!

Episode 2: The Social Dilemma

Technology in today’s world is fierce and the fury is real. Adults and children alike are all targets in the tangled web of social media channels and platforms. There’s a lot more eyes lurking than just Big Brother’s. How do we manage ourselves and help teach our kids about the dangers of the world wide web? Tune in as Dr. Boca and Rachel Silver-Cohen break down the wreckage of The Social Dilemma.

Episode 1: Welcome

Who are the voices behind the mics and how did Unpolished Therapy come to fruition? We might be new to the game and a little bit scared but we’re committed to buckling up and taking this adventurous ride anyway! No matter where the unpolished road may lead, we can’t wait to break down any and all wreckage along the way!