We’ve Hit The Unpolished Pause Button: Perimenopause

When it comes to Perimenopause, it certainly seems as if we’ve hit the unpolished “pause” button! The only thing consistent about Perimenopause is the erratic inconsistencies of not just the “flowing” and going of eggs releasing in our bodies but let us not forget the concerning symptoms when you jump on this female rollercoaster of an unpolished ride!
In this episode, Dr. Boca & Rachel Silver-Cohen break down the wreckage (and the uterine lining) on all things Perimenopause and “shed” some light on what to expect when you’re not expecting your body to transition into the next phase of womanhood!

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If Seinfeld Was A Show About Nothing, Today’s Podcast Might As Well Be A Seinfeld Episode!

If Seinfeld was a show about nothing, today’s podcast might as well be an episode of Seinfeld! Were we just not as prepared for this episode as we’ve been in the past, or are we just that unpolished to record a podcast about basically NOTHING? Tune in and find out what Dr. Boca & Rachel Silver-Cohen are chatting about this week! It could be something, or it could very well be absolutely NOTHING!


Episode 19: In The Deadly Game Of Dirty Street Drugs There Are No Winners; You Lose And Then You Die.

As parents (and people) we MUST stay informed and continue to educate ourselves (and our children)on the dangers of tampered opioids sold on the streets. The number of accidental deaths due to drugs laced with Fentanyl and other poisonous synthetics is staggering.
In today’s episode, Dr. Boca and Rachel Silver-Cohen have a sobering discussion about every parent’s worst nightmare. Drug experimentation in today’s world is a game of high stakes. There simply are no winners; You lose and then you die. This podcast is a MUST listen and a MUST share to help spread awareness on the dire consequences of dirty street drugs. Our kids’ lives depend on it!


Episode 18: Unpolished Body Image: Repeat After Me, I’m So PHAT!

So many of us suffer with body image issues even if we know “intellectually” we are pretty damn PHAT! In today’s episode, Dr. Boca and Rachel Silver-Cohen open up and share their own unpolished perceptions of body image in an effort to help others learn how to love themselves no matter what! Our self worth tastes just as delicious as pizza and pasta so we must remember to repeat on the daily the unpolished mantra,”I’M SO PHAT!”


Episode 15: Secrets vs. Privacy: Yes! There’s An Unpolished Difference

In a world where everyone is (over)sharing their every move perhaps because of social media, it’s no wonder good old fashioned privacy has taken a back seat! While secrets certainly aren’t meant for the masses, having privacy in some areas of your life is in fact important for maintaining healthy boundaries. In this episode, Dr. Boca & Rachel Silver-Cohen take a deep dive into the so-called unpolished phenomena of secrets vs. privacy.


Episode 14: When It Comes To Death, We’ve Got Unpolished Anxiety…Which Is Exactly Why We Need To Talk About It!

While the topic of death might not be the popular choice when you’re sitting around a table at a dinner party, it does lend itself to some fascinating conversations about how we deal (or don’t deal) with mortality. Talking about the inevitability of death can be both awkward and uncomfortable, because it strikes a nerve that taps right into our fears and vulnerabilities of loss. In this episode, emotions run the unpolished gamut when Dr. Boca and Rachel Silver-Cohen’s heartstrings are tugged as they share their personal stories of having lost a loved one versus the anxiety produced at even the mere notion of losing a loved one and how it’s shaped them for better or worse. This episode, much like death, is unpolishedly real and raw.


Episode 13: Who The Hell Are We? Let’s Figure It Out By Redefining & Reinventing Ourselves!

When we stop and take stock of our life, we realize with each new phase comes different roles and responsibilities. In order to continue to grow and evolve, we must remember it’s perfectly okay to reinvent ourselves and redefine who we are. Finding new purpose and passions through life’s twists and turns helps us to keep our minds, bodies and souls energized and fulfilled. We can be anything we want to be; we just have to remind ourselves no matter how unpolished we think we are, we are WORTH it, we DESERVE it and we CAN do it!