The Haze & The Craze Of The [Unpolished] Holidays!

‘Tis the Unpolished Season! Today’s episode takes a deep dive into the haze and craze of the good ‘ole holidays! The gals meet on the corner of Audacity & Advice to break down the wreckage that somehow seems to always crash year after year after year after year! Have we learned absolutely nothing when it comes to managing the chaos of Christmas, the hysteria of Hanukkah or simply the nuttiness of the incoming new trek around the sun? Maybe a quick refresher course from Dr. Boca on how to “unpolishedly unpack” our baggage, leave it at the front door, take a deep breath (or pour a stiff drink) is just what we need in order to cut out the haze & craze of the holidays! For all of Dr. Boca’s pro tips, this is an episode you won’t want to miss!

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Meet Kate Goldberg Hill: “Facial Preservationist” Extraordinaire

Today’s episode will have you “glowing & radiating” from the inside out as Dr. Boca introduces Kate Goldberg Hill to Rachel on the corner of Audacity & Advice. Kate “fills” the gals in on beauty preservation as it relates to the what’s what of non-invasive procedures helping to keep us looking fresh and flawless without having to go under the knife. Kate’s expertise in facial aesthetics as an ANCC Board Certified Nurse Practitioner will most certainly keep you “laser” focused and wanting more! This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

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Momentous Moments With The Moms Of Momentum

Episode 80 of Unpolished Therapy finds the gals on the corner of Audacity & Advice recapping Rachel’s recent journey of MOMENTOUS proportions to Israel. She shares the heartfelt experience of traveling to a foreign land with a group of women who began merely as acquaintances and ended as a unified Sisterhood. Equally fascinating, the parts of educational, historical, physical, emotional and spiritual lessons made this a Trip of a Lifetime; one of incredible meaning and value which will not soon be forgotten. If you’re even the slightest bit curious about the magical state of Israel, its ideals and how it forges incredibly strong bonds amongst women globally, this is 60 minutes of MOMENTOUS MOMENTS you won’t want to miss!

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