Are You A Planner Or A Procrastinator?

Are You An “UNPOLISHED” Planner Or A Procrastinator? In Today’s Episode Dr. Boca & Rachel Silver-Cohen Breakdown The Wreckage Of Either Being A Person Who Plans Ahead Or Rather One Who Scrambles When The Bases Are Loaded & It’s The Bottom Of The Ninth Inning! Plan Ahead & Download The Podcast To Tune In & Listen As The Ladies Hash It Out On The Corner Of Audacity & Advice! Don’t Procrastinate… This Is One You Won’t Want To Miss!

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Meet Jodi Dascal: Fashion Stylist & Owner Of DRAPE YOUR SHAPE

In today’s episode Dr. Boca surprises Rachel Silver-Cohen with special guest, Jodi Dascal. Jodi is a fashion stylist and owner of Drape Your Shape. Her sixth sense for identifying what flatters women most based on their unique body shape is what separates her from just any stylist. Jodi’s zest, enthusiasm and unpolished passion for fashion began very early on as she was influenced by her Mother, a fashion designer. Whether you are a pear, apple, rectangle, hourglass or an inverted triangle, Jodi knows exactly how to “drape your shape” so you feel and look your very best! Tune in today to meet our fashion forward, fabulous & feisty guest to learn her tricks of the trade!

For consultation and/or more information you can reach Jodi via her website:

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What Are You: An [Unpolished] Introvert Or Extrovert? Let’s Discuss!

Where do you draw your energy from? Who knew being an introvert or an extrovert wasn’t just about being shy or outgoing? Rachel Silver-Cohen surely didn’t! In today’s episode, Dr. Boca schools Rachel on the differences between the two and discusses who’s who and what’s what! It’s an “energy” packed unpolished episode you won’t want to miss!

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What’s Your Thang?

In today’s episode, Dr. Boca & Rachel Silver-Cohen ditch the couch, grab the mics and meet on the corner of Audacity & Advice to break down the wreckage of all things WORDLE & overcoming medical hurdles! It seems since the onset of Covid-19, more and more people are opening up about having health issues so the gals decide to share their own medical mishaps while also asking the listeners, “What’s Your Thang?”

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