A Candid Conversation About Honesty & Humor With Special Guest: Dr. Howard A. Silver

In today’s episode, Dr. Boca and Rachel Silver-Cohen turn the spotlight on special guest, Dr. Howard A. Silver who just so happens to be Rachel’s revered Dad! Dr. Silver [unpolishedly] shares his thoughts on the importance of having a positive perspective, how parenting has changed over the years and how he defines the secret sauce to having success both professionally and personally. His honesty and humor make this candid conversation one you won’t want to miss!

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On The Verge…

This week as Rachel audaciously makes her 49th trip around the sun she shares how she leveraged juice cleanses and laser facials in an attempt to help maintain her fountain of youth. Dr. Boca capitalizes on this moment flexing her advice muscles as she singlehandedly breaks down not just the wreckage of aging, but Rachel herself by challenging her to go well beyond the skin’s surface and “cleanse” much deeper! What are they “ON THE VERGE” of, you ask? Tune in and find out! It’s an episode you won’t want to miss!

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Rachel’s Ranting… “Whyyy WiFi Whyyy?”

Technology has never been a friend to both the ‘Audacious’ and the ‘Advice’ gals but today Rachel takes her frustrations to the next unpolished level as she rants to Dr. Boca about the challenges she continues to face with WiFi, iCloud Settings & Storage, Passwords and her American Express credit card declines, just to name a few! Dr. Boca is gonna need more than just her mic to help break down today’s wreckage as she empathizes with Rachel and also joins in asking the question, “Whyyy WiFi Whyyy?”
If you’re terribly troubled by tech too, this is an episode you won’t want to miss!

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The September 11th Attacks Twenty Years Later: We Are Still Remembering & Never Forgetting With Special Guest Whitney Michaels

It’s been twenty years since the World Trade Center Towers were struck by terrorists on September 11, 2001. In today’s episode Dr. Boca and Rachel Silver-Cohen are still remembering and never forgetting as they are joined by special guest Whitney Michaels. Whitney and her husband Evan founded A Little Hope, Inc. a ground breaking not for profit charitable foundation as a personal response to the WTC tragedy. Today, Whitney shares her emotional story of where she was and why when receiving the news that the towers’ collapsed and reflects on both her raw, instinctive feelings and the subsequent action steps that came in the wake to shed HOPE for so many in need. Her story of true passion and inspiration is one you won’t want to miss!

To make a donation or for more information about A Little Hope, Inc. please refer to their website: http://www.alittlehope.org or on Twitter @grievingkids
Facebook: A Little Hope, Inc.

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NEW MONTH! NEW SEASON! Today is September 1, 2021 so the first thing Rachel Silver-Cohen and Dr. Boca must address is the good luck expression of “RABBIT, RABBIT” but apparently Dr. Boca never got the memo on this ancient superstition! As the season begins, Dr. Boca shares her unpolished frustration about the chaos of carpool, Covid and middle school clothes while Rachel Silver-Cohen sits back and enjoys the rant!
The upshot to starting off in what has been nothing short of a debacle? Well, we can only go up from here!
Tune in and listen to the ladies ditch the couch, grab the mics and break down all the unpolished wreckage!

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