We’re Talking About SURFSIDE Because, Well, How Could We Not?

In today’s episode, Dr. Boca and Rachel Silver-Cohen ditch the couch, grab the mics and break down the wreckage both figuratively and literally about the tragic building collapse of Champlain Towers in our neighboring town of Surfside, Florida because, well, how could we not?

For more information on supporting the rescue mission and/or donations for the victims of Surfside follow the links below:

Family Reunification Hotline:

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How It Started… How It’s Going!

In today’s episode the dynamic duo of “audacious and advice” take turns sharing their own rants of recent parental unpolishedness as it relates to the entitlement of children in today’s generation!
Dr. Boca unpolishedly admits, “Shame On Me! Shame On Me! I Know Better,” while Rachel Silver-Cohen gets candid about wanting to wring the necks of her two little princes who are seemingly living The Life of Riley!
Tune in to hear how the ladies begin breaking down the entitlement wreckage of the youth while also touching on who’s really responsible for this unpolished behavior! Yup, you guessed it… We, the UNPOLISHED PARENTS have to work on upping our game to run a tighter ship and not let the kiddos control the castle! We know, we know… Easier said than done!

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