Attacking Unpolished Anxiety By Way Of Meditation Modalities

Season 3 officially kicks off as Dr. Boca surprises Rachel Silver-Cohen in an effort to attack her unpolished anxiety by way of meditation modalities! With their very first unpolished guest, Dr. Boca introduces her longtime supervisee turned professional colleague, licensed clinical psychologist and integrative wellness coach Dr. Tanie Miller Kabala, Ph.D.
Dr. Kabala is passionate about using meditation and relaxation exercises to help her patients experience greater emotional and physical wellness.
In today’s episode, Dr. Kabala not only shares her vast knowledge on several meditation modalities explaining the countless positive benefits of a consistent meditation practice but she also guides Dr. Boca and Rachel Silver-Cohen through a mini five minute “focus” meditation which leaves them feeling a little less unpolished, a little more focused and a lot more willing to take another crack at it! Wanna give it a try and get unpolishedly focused? Tune in as Two Doctors and a Silver Unpolished meet at the corner of audacious, advice and MEDITATION and get their “OM” on!

For more information on Dr. Kabala, please refer to her website:

She can be directly contacted at:

She can be found on Facebook at:
and @drtaniekabala

For download and access to Dr. Kabala’s meditation and relaxation albums titled, Rest and Restore (for adults) and Your Peaceful Place (for children) click here: https://drtaniekabala.com/products

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Covid Kicked The Living Shit Out Of Me And I Didn’t Even Have Covid

The struggle is real and so is anxiety, especially UNPOLISHED anxiety! Whether Covid-19 is to blame for the heightened anxious state of many or it’s just the impetus that’s brought generalized anxiety to the surface, it’s an unruly topic that needs to be addressed! In today’s episode Dr. Boca helps breakdown the anxiety wreckage while Rachel Silver-Cohen shares her very own anxiety riddled breakdown(s) with the listeners.
Tune in as they share what’s on their unpolished minds.

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